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Research Article
1 Selective In Vitro Antimicrobial Properties of Solanumvirginianum Linn Crude Extract

Chandak Raman1 , Changediya Vaibhav2 , Majmudar Hiral3 , Devdhe Subhash4 - Download
2 Development and Validation of Stability-Indicating HPTLC Method for Estimation of Secnidazole in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form P. S. Jain*, Tulsidas R. Lohar, Nikita N. Kale and S. J. Surana - Download
3 Stability Indicating HPTLC method for the Simultaneous estimation of Rilpivirin, Emtricitabine and Tenofovir in Bulk and Combined Pharmaceutical Dosage Form S.S.Chitlange*, S.B.Kanthale, Bandu Choudhary, R.P.Bhole - Download
4 Simultaneous Estimation of Diclofenac and Tolperisone Hydrochloride In Bulk And Tablet Dosage Form By RP-HPLC Method S. P. Mahaparale*1 , I. D. Gonjari2 - Download
Review Article
5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate K. Haritha, L. Kalyani and A. Lakshmana Rao* - Download