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Research Article
1 Formulation and Evaluation of ABioadhesive Patch For Buccal Delivery Of Bisoprolol Fumarate

Raksha Laxman Mhetre, Ghanshyam Sakhare, Vishal Bhanudas Hol,Mirza Wajid Baig, Dr. Prabhakar 45-57 Download
2 Selective In vitro Antimicrobial properties of Fagonia cretica Linn crude extract using Streak plate and Broth dilution method Changediya Vaibhav, Chandak Raman, Majmudar Hiral, Devdhe Subhash 71-81 Download
Review Article
3 A Review on Orodispersible Tablets Prepared Using Spray Dried Sustained Release Microparticles BankarS.K*, Chaudhari A.V, Mahale N.B, Chaudhari S.R. 82-95 Download
4 A Review On: Floating Drug Delivery System Sanap Sunil A *, Mahale N.B, Salunkhe K.S., Chaudhari. S.R. 96-113 Download